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Vehicle Servicing

I am able to offer various types of vehicle servicing, whether it’s a one off service, regular service or annual service.

Basic Service

The basic service includes changing the engine oil, oil filter, and air filter and checking other fluid levels.

Interim Service

This is a less comprehensive version of a full service, and is designed to be carried out every six months or 6,000 miles – whichever comes first

Full Service

During a full service, I will analyse all the vital parts of the car, along with the safety and mechanical systems.

Custom Service

I can service your vehicle to your rereirements, whether it is filters or safety checks.

Seasonal Checks

I can prepare your vehicle for the season, whether it is for the summer or the winter.

Vehicle Health Check

A vehicle health check to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible..

BMW and MINI Specialist

Mobile Mechanic for ALL makes and models of car / van

Work Hours

20+ years experience in the motor trade.

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